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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the fight against the zika virus could finally get some big help this week. congress returns to work today in washington. and one big issue they left on the table all summer: passing a new zika funding bill. and the concern keeps on growing here in florida... after hurricane hermine left standing water. fox 13's shayla reaves is up
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the polk county sheriff is still searching for some thieves... and their ?dangerous haul. men made off with 30 handguns and 10 semi-automatic rifles. it happened sunday morning at the "titan arms" gun store on south florida avenue in lakeland. the men pulled up to the store in a pickup truck... ripped off the burglar bars... and smashed a window to get in. detectives believe three men entered the store, while a fourth stayed in the druck as the getaway driver. the truck is described as a gray ford f-one-50... extended cab with chrome wheels. call crime stoppers if you have any
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police in bradenton beach are still trying to figure out how a man died... this was under some strange circumstances. it all started monday morning, when police got a call about a naked man running around coquina beach. they took him to the hospital. then, five hours later, they found a ?body on the beach. it was 42-year-old samuel collins. investigators say they found clothes lying next to him... that belong to the naked man they found earlier in the day. police say both men have had issues with drugs. they believe collin either drowned or overdosed. a pinellas county man is hoping social media will help find the owner... of this folded american flag. "ted froberg" says the he spotted the flag on the side of u-s 19 in clearwater saturday. he posted about it to his facebook page -- hoping to get the word out. so far -- the post has been shared more than 12-thousand times! froberg says the flag strikes a chord with him. when he was just 11-years-old -- his mother received one of those folded flags... during his father's funeral. he thinks because of the fold... the flag may belong to a veteran's
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suarez is following this story throughout the morning starting at five a-m. and he's planning to get a ?live interview with froberg. the last remains of the old st. petersburg pier... will soon be history. city leaders say they finally have plans to remove the remaining structures. the famous inverted pyramid is already long gone... but some of the pier and a lot of concrete remain. the project was supposed to be finished in february. the city says safety issues caused the company to miss the deadline. going slower than expected because parts of the pier and pyramid are deteriorated. the tampa bay times reports that demolition should now be finished by the end of the month. construction of the ?new pier and the pier approach is slated to begin next year. ever wanted a front row seat, to a disney world fireworks show? well
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a ?rogue firework actually shot across a roadway hitting a passing car and barely missing a crowded disney bus. this was right outside "hollywood studios" after their star wars fireworks show. youtube user "vewser" posted the video this week -- but the incident happened last month. disney released a statement saying they're aware of the video and have made modifications to the show... in an abundance of caution. and... a change at disney world... that will no doubt get the attention of parents. all children between the age of three and nine... now have to use their ?fingerprint to enter the parks. they have to scan it along with their pass... just like older kids and adults. disney says it added the scan to block the use of stolen and shared tickets. parents that don't want their child's fingerprints stored... can scan their ?own fingerprint instead. but that child can only visit a park... if
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in pinellas county: some local artists and students spent their labor day working on a labor of love. they transformed parts of st. pete, into an outdoor art gallery! a local artist and her team painted a colorful street mural over the intersection of central avenue and fifth street south. it took them about six hours to finish the design... inspired by a quilt pattern. a group of gibbs high school students -- led by professional artists -- also painted a series of murals on 52 barricades... that run along the pinellas trail. the two projects are part of st. pete's "shine mural festival".... which aims to "visually revitalize" parts of the city... inspire dialogue... and unite the community. toss to weather...
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as one storm leaves... another arrives. after the break: how southern california's resort towns are bracing... for a hurricane. and later this half hour: it looks like babs... is still the best. the legendary singer just broke another record. and the person she passed... was herself! ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 101 million dollars. and tomorrow's powerball jackpot is up to 186 million. good luck... and good day is back in less than
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an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? security. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. we're now just one day away, from one of the biggest ?tech events of the year. apple's annual "iphone" announcement. and just
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many iphone seven ?details are already out there. one credible apple insider released a whole list of new features on monday. and he's been ?very accurate in the past. some of the highlights: the phone will have a dual-rear camera to deal with low lighting. the phone will come in two models... the seven, and the seven-plus. and they are expected to come with several ?new colors... including "piano black." the "piano black" is expected to be in ?limited supply... just like "rose gold" a few years ago. parts of southern california are bracing this morning... for a pretty powerful storm. hurricane newton has already been soaking the pacific coast of mexico causing flooding and mudslides. hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes. the storm is now setting it's sights on the los cabos resort area of california. residents there have been boaring up windows and tying up their boats. police will also be stationed at local shopping malls to protect from looting. that's exactly what happened when the area was last hit by a hurricane, two
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today and we begin... with a big night for actor "rob lowe." he was the guest of honor... at a comedy central dinner. although we're not sure we'd call it an ?honor: yup... lowe got ?roasted last night. the annual comedy central special... that lampoons a hollywood star. it featured comedians like david spade , rob riggle , and jeff ross. but also a few ?surprising jokesters, including peyton manning, jewel... actor ralph macchio... and political commentator anne culter. and by the end of the night, most of the jokes were actually aimed at culter.
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most of the jokes on morning t-v. no laughing matter for actor chevy chase this morning. the national lampoon's vacation star... has checked into rehab. a rep for the actor says he is now getting treatment at a facility in minnesota. his people call it quote... a "tune up." this isn't chevy's first time in rehab. he also spent time at the betty ford clinic back in the 19-80s. the 72 year old actor is still making filming now, with burt reynolds. and now... to another accomplishment, for an already legendary singer. barbara streisand has just broken her ?own record. she already had the ?most number one albums of any female singer in u-s history. and now... she's padding the stats. her latest album... "encore: movie partners sing broadway" tops the billboard charts right now.
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the second most number ones for a female singer... at eight. streisand is now tied with bruce springsteen for third place... for the most number one albums by a woman or a man. so who holds the top two spots? rapper jay-z is number two... with 13 number ones. and the "beatles" are first with a whopping 19 number one albums. free fun today... for kids in tampa bay. up next: why it's all part of a ?month lg lindsay has another check of the tuesdsayforecast, after
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a great deal this month for passholders to ?three of tampa's most popular attractions. it's called "swap-tember." all this month, people who have annual passes to "mosi," "the lowry
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to the other two attractions. and that free pass is good all month long. and here's an even ?better deal for a local attraction. you can get in free to the glazers childrens museum today... and you don't even need a pass. that's because it's the first tuesday of the month. the childrens board of hillsborough county sponsors the free admission day every month. the offer runs today from two p-m to seven p-m. and you can a great deal on the museum the rest of the month too. it's celebrating it's seventh birthday... by lowering admission to just seven dollars. month, on the weekend of the 24th... they're having a birthday party... with two ?more days of free admission. and after that free museum visit... how about some free desert? just visit any "dairy queen" this afternoon, and you can get a free small "ultimate oreo frappe." the offer is good from two p-m to five p-m. the drink is a combination of coffee, ice, and cruchy oreo cookies pieces, blended with vanilla soft serve ice cream.
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unofficial end of summer. and if you're wondering about the ?calorie count... it's not listed on their website. thankfully. after more than ?seven months at sea -- more than 300 florida sailors are finally back on dry land. and back in the arms of their loved ones. and fittingly enough, it came right on the labor day holiday. fox's "amber kriska" was there in mayport, florida... for the emotional reunions. mos says: "700 months, exactly 222 days."mos 2 says: "so long." the smiles from hundreds of people waiting anxiously to be reunited with their loved ones overshadowed the overcast skies.callis says: "we're so excited that he's coming home." for sydney callis and her little brother wesley ... the wait felt like forevercallis says: "we've wanted him to come home for so long, didn't we, wes?"((nats)) ann meyers can't hold back her tears. she has a daughter on board.meyers says: "it's hard, you don't get to talk to them every day,"((nats)) and then you can see the ship in the distance..((nats)) these are moments you can't
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((walter much of the bay area is still drenched from hermine.... as congress returns to washington to talk about funding the fight against zika. what this means for florida-- coming up. ((vanessa plus... that rain overloaded many pinellas county sewer systems. and that water had nowhere to go-- but into our area beaches. what beaches you should steer clear of-- at least for now. ((walter finds a treasured family keepsake. a veteran's flag... folded up and laying on the side of the road. this morning, he's searching for the flag's rightful owner. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa... jen epstein will be in later this morning. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with lindsay.


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